Meet the Porsche 356

Porsche is a luxury name that most people know and love. The automaker has been around for as long as anyone can remember, continually producing fast, furious, sleek rides that implode ingenuity and fun. The Porsche 356 is an example of a top model produced by the Porsche brand.

The First Porsche Model Released

The 356 is the first car ever made by Porsche. First production of the car occurred in 1948, and another model was built for 1949. The vehicle sold until 1965. The car certainly started something amazing, as Porsche is a talked-about brand with luxury sports cars that everyone loves.

A Look at the 356

The 356 from Porsche features a rear-engine and rear-wheel drive operation. The vehicle is lightweight, so it is ideal for racing. It is within the racing niche that the 356 gained most of its popularity. The car is fast and because it is so lightweight, could easily maneuver around tight corners and spaces to win the race.

A total of only 76,000 total 356 models were ever produced. Sadly, not all of those are still on the roadways today. It is estimated that about half that number are still out there. It is safe to say that anyone fortunate enough to own one of these prized cars won’t let it go any time soon.

See a 356 Near You

If you can never own a 356, you can still see one of the vehicles up close and personal at a car show. The 356 is oftentimes featured in car shows around the world and is a vehicle that many people talk about because they love its impressive style and awesome features. You are sure to love the 356 as much as so many others have throughout the years.